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Mental Health Family Mission...

Provides to families of those with mental illness that are burdened with the stress of caring for their loved ones a balanced psychiatric and spiritual support, educational training, and information.


As a result we will foster much needed self-care among the family members and a positive environment that contributes to the rehabilitation of the patient.


Additionally by offering programs targeted towards families we hope to build faith-based healing ministries and improve the mental health of local Korean communities.

Specific Ministries

1. Family Link Seminar

2. Support Groups

3. Spiritual Care Group

Education for families that deepens understanding about mental health and improves self-care skills. [ Free counseling offered]

Meetings where families share common experiences and help one another.

Bible study and prayer meeting that seeks to provide biblical answers to mental illness and restoration

4. Family Visit

5. Print Ministry

6. Collaborative Programs for Churches and Specialized Institutions 

7. Scholarship Ministry

Connects families to proper rehabilitation/welfare programs.

Provides manuals for the proper understanding of mental illness and for ministry.

Collaborates with churches and mental health affiliated organizations to hold seminars for the local Korean community.

Provides financial support for students recovering from mental illnesses.



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(Jesus Christ Mission)

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Contact Info

You can provide regular of temporary support for ongoing systematic care for family members of those with mental illness.
Since Mental Health Family Mission is a no-profit organization, for your financial contributions you may receive tax deductible benefits.

Pay to the order of : MHFM                             
Address: Mental Health Family Mission
            9778 Katella Ave. Suite 102
            Anaheim, CA 92804

Advisor : Dr. Joo Young Kim (Psy. D) (Email:

Executive Director in Southern California : Rev. Paul Kim (D.Min, Candi.)
                                                          (714-313-4077, Email:

Case Manager : Dong Kon Hong (MSW) (310-740-0600, Email:

Counselor : Donghee Yih (M.Div., MFT Trainee) (562-739-5664, Email:

Education Director : Jinhyun Bae (661-644-8601, Email:

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