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Mental Health Family Mission is 

Hope of Healing Ministry.


is new nickname of MHFM.


Mission Statement

Mental Health Family Mission provides support, education, counseling, and information to balance between psychiatric and spiritual aspects to families with mental illness suffering from the burden of protection.

It also increases the awareness of mental illness and eliminates prejudice.

Our ultimate goal is to contribute to the true recovery of patients and their families to live happily.


10/15/2010: Mental Health Family Mission established.

03/19/2011: O.C. branch established.

04/23/2011: L.A. branch established.

08/25/2012: Torrance branch established.

01/08/2013: Opened a counseling center.

01/04/2014: O.C and L.A. branch started advanced classes.

06/10/2014: Decided to cooperate with Western Medical Center.

06/15/2014: Moved to a new office in Anaheim.

03/01/2015: Decided to cooperate with The Korean American Counseling Center.

05/02/2015: Decided to cooperate with the Asian American Drug Abuse Program.

10/22/2016: Each branch joint picnic held.

04/17/2017: Las Vegas branch established.

07/03/2017: Young adults recovery program began.

07/15/2017: Mental Health Family Mission got the nickname of lighthouse.

10/01/2017: San Diego branch established.

01/15/2018: Recovering young adults went on a two-day trip to Las Vegas.

03/01/2018: Started a project to build an own group home.

03/29/2019: Published the book <Want to Die but Want to Live> in Korea.

06/01/2019: O.C. branch opened a new counseling center in Buena Park.

04/01/2020: Healing Town construction project started.

06/01/2020: Started job creation program for recovering young adults.

06/01/2021: A lighthouse praise team formed by recovering young adults.

09/05/2021: Retreat was held in San Diego for a lighthouse praise team.

05/27/2022: Healing Camp was held in Lake Arrowhead.

08/22/2022: Published the book <Very Normal Sick People> in Korea.  

01/02/2023: Started a scholarship ministry. 

Our Stories


1. Family Link Seminar

Education for families that deepens understanding about mental health and improves self-care skills.

2. Support Groups
Meetings where families share common experiences and help one another.

3. Spiritual Care Group
Bible study and prayer meeting that seeks to provide biblical answers to mental illness and restoration.

4. Family Visit
Connects families to proper rehabilitation/welfare programs.

5. Print Ministry
Provides manuals for the proper understanding of mental illness and for ministry.


6. Collaborative Programs for Churches and Specialized Institutions
Collaborates with churches and mental health affiliated organizations to hold seminars for the local Korean community.


7. Free Counseling Offered

Future Ministries

1. Scholarship Ministry
Provides financial support for students recovering from mental illnesses.

2. Group Home Ministry
Operate own group home


3. Establishment of On-line shopping / wholesale business for patient's financial independence


4. Emotional support program for patient's families and their individual talent development.

5. Building a  medical facility for mental patients

In The Press

Corporation Supporter


(Glory California South Church)

Karland Motors, Inc.


(Dorga America Inc.)


(New Life Vision Church)


(Korean Church of O.C.)


(Open Bank)

J.C. 선교회

(Jesus Christ Mission)
제임스 홍 변호사 그룹
(Law Offices of James S. Hong & Associates)  
샌디에고 한마음장로교회

(Hanmaum Presbyterian Church)
소프레쉬 클리너스

(So Fresh Cleaners)

터진 코퍼레이션

(Turgeon Corp.)

Lee & Park Co.
Koos Manufacturing Inc.
Dimax Express, Inc.

Why Jesus Only Ministry


(Good Shepherd Church)

ANC 온누리교회

(All Nations Church)

Regular Supporter

김영철 (Yung Chul Kim) 
김홍식 (Hong Sik Kim)
김효진 (Prisca Kim)
데이빗 신 (David Shin)
배기호 & 배정숙 (Chung Sook Pai & Kiho Pai)
신은실 (Grace Unsil Shin)
이재건 & 이영희 (Jai Keun Lee & Young Hee Lee)
정재훈 & 정정숙 (Jay H. Chung & Sue C. Chung)
정진철 (Jin Chul Jhung)
최선아 (Sun Ah Choi)
한창훈 (William C. Han)
김인종 (In Chong Kim)

김용원 & Mickey Kim (Yong W. Kim & Mickey Kim) 

오스티나 조 (Dr. Austina Cho)
윤인희 (Inhee Youn)

지상엽 (Sang Yup Chi)
Sang Byum Lee & Jully Lee
Min Se Lee & Duk Ja Lee 
Joseph & Julie Ahn
Monica Kim, Sun Kim 
Soyeong Park

Ja Fujio, Catherine Lee

Dong Kim, 강승희

Clifford Park, Teresa Cho, Hyun Z. Kim

홍성희 (Jennifer Hong), 유영상 (Yung Sang Yu)

Daniel S. Chung, Bryan & Kay Kim

Yun Hi Kim & Ki Hun An

Eugene & Eunice Park

John & Soo Hyun Kim

Hyun Bok Park, Seok H. Ko

Bill Sim

Support Information

You can provide regular of temporary support for ongoing systematic care for family members of those with mental illness. Since Mental Health Family Mission is a non-profit organization, for your financial contributions you may receive tax deductible benefits.

IRS. EIN (Tax ID): 27-3663559

Pay to the order of : MHFM



Mental Health Family Mission
9778 Katella Ave. Suite 102
Anaheim, CA 92804


​O.C Area Meeting

Hanmi Family Counseling Center
3rd Saturday of the month, 10 am~1 pm
12362 Beach Blvd. Suite 1. Stanton, CA 90680

Regular Meeting Guide

L.A  Area Meeting

Angelica Lutheran Church (1st Floor Library)
2nd Saturday of the month, 10 am~1 pm
1345 S. Burlington Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90006

Torrance Area Meeting

New Creation Church
4th Saturday of the month, 10 am~1 pm
23814 Vermont Ave. Harbor City, CA 90710

Joyful Church 
3rd Monday of the month 2 pm~5 pm
6985 W. Sahara Ave. #205. Las Vegas, NV 89117

Las Vegas Area Meeting

MHFM open blog. Come & join us. ( Lighthouse keeper )

Run Director: 김용원 (Yong W. Kim / Solar Turbine Sr. Engineer)

Run Director: 김인종 (Joey Kim / 서울대학교 미주 사무소 국장)

Run Director: 윤미경 ((Mickey Yoon / Aerobine, Inc. CEO)

Board Members  


Executive Director : Rev. Yung Chul Kim (D. Min.)                                                                                     (714-313-4077, Email:
Advisor : Dr. Joo Young Kim (Psy. D.) (Email:

Counselor : Donghee Yih (M.Div., MFT Trainee) (562-739-5664, Email:

Education Director : Jinhyun Bae (MFT) (661-644-8601, Email:
Public Relations Director : Esther Chung (562-480-2226, Email:


* The Mental Health Family Mission is a non-profit organization established on October 15, 2010.

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